Herbal Drugs Used in Diabetes Mellitus


  • Ankit Rana Himachal Institute of Pharmacy, Paonta Sahib, H.P., India
  • Ramandeep Singh Himachal Institute of Pharmacy, Paonta Sahib, H.P., India




Diabetes,plants,endocrine, review.


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the most common of the endocrine disorders. It is an important human ailment, afflicting many, from various walks of life in different countries. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is expected to reach up to 4.4% in the world by 2030. Among all type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is main complication. Currently available treatment option in modern medicine have several adverse effects. Therefore, there is a need to develop safe and effective treatment modalities for diabetes. Medicinal plants play an important role in the management of diabetes mellitus especially in developing countries where resources are meager. This article presents a review on some reported anti-diabetic medicinal plants




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