Parents of children with oncological diseases and the employment market in Bulgaria


  • Ivaila Georgieva Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, University Hospital “TsaritsaYoanna – ISUL” LTD, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Guergana Petrova Pediatric clinic, University Hospital “Alexandrovska”; Pediatric department Medical University Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria



employers; employees; malignant diseases in children; parents; supporting campaign.


The problem with the employment of parents of children with oncological diseases is not new and with so many supporting organizations and media influences is expected to be solved, but it is not the case. We asked ourselves are employers familiar with the professional abilities, physical and psychological health of parents of children with malignant diseases? Are there any preferences and programs equally effective for the employers and the employees?
The research of the team of the current study draws to the conclusion that currently, the social integration of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the population in the labor market is one of the most significant problems in Bulgaria, which is ever growing in scale and tends to affect more and more people. The neglect and downplaying of this problem has led to the emergence of many other socially significant problems including poverty, high social tensions and conflicts, which have a negative impact on the demographic processes in the country and inhibit its development.




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Ivaila Georgieva, & Guergana Petrova. (2019). Parents of children with oncological diseases and the employment market in Bulgaria. Asian Pacific Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences, 2(1), 1–6.