Identification of the relationship between nursing students’ kolb learning styles and problem-solving skills


  • Seda Sahan Seda Sahan, Research Assistant, Nursing Fundamentals Departmant, İzmir Bakırçay Unıversıty, Turkey
  • Ayşegul Yildiz Aysegul Yildiz, Teaching assistant, Dialysis Department, Cappadocia Vocational School, Cappadocia University, Turkey
  • Sevil Sahin Sevil Sahin, Asst. Prof., Nursing Fundamentals Departmant, Erciyes Unıversıty, Turkey



Nursing, Learning Styles, Problem solving skill.


Introduction: In order to maintain nursing care in the most effective and quality way in There lationship between patient and nurse and nurses to manage this dynamic process, problem solving skills must be developed. Individuals in the learning environment are people who are independent from each other and have different characteristics and share the same environment. Objectives: To determine the learning styles of individuals and to manage the education process. Method: This study was planned to determine There lationship between the learning styles and problem solving skills of the students who received nursing education. The universe of There search consisted of 130 students in İzmir Bakırçay University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department. In the study, the data were collected between 1-29 February 2020. Results: It was determined that 26.9% of the students participating in the study were male and 73.1% were female. It was observed that 33.8% of the students had learning style that parses, 22.3% changes, 28.5% assimilates and 15.4% places. It was determined that the problem solving skills of the students were moderate according to the score they received from the problem solving inventory (X = 82,09). There was a significant relationship between participants' general problem solving approach levels and Kolb learning style groups (p = 0.04). Conclusion: It is thought that the education given to students' learning styles will support their problem solving skills and the success rate will increase.




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Seda Sahan, Ayşegul Yildiz, & Sevil Sahin. (2020). Identification of the relationship between nursing students’ kolb learning styles and problem-solving skills. Asian Pacific Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences, 3(2), 1–8.